Mission #1Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Artist - Writer - Teacher

Biography of Philip Rubinov Jacobson

Biography Philiop Rubinov Jacobson

"Self-portrait" c. 2003
Egg tempera and oil
on hand-gilded paper mounted to wood
Collection of the Johfra Museum of Art, Holland

Philip Rubinov Jacobson is is an artist, writer, teacher, philosopher and traveler and recognized as a key figure
in both the Fantastic and Visionary genres of art.

Considered a 'prodigy and problem child' by the public school system, he was sent to the University of Rochester at the age of 13 for studies in Biology and the Fine Arts. His negative experiences with the public school system would later contribute to the innovative and creative programming he developed in educational and cultural enrichment programs.


He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees (BS, MA and MFA) in Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture, with additional studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Comparative Religion. In 1973 - 74, Philip traveled to Vienna to live and study painting under Ernst Fuchs, the renowned artist and founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.


In 1997 he was formally charged by his mentor to carry on the visionary lineage and teach by teaching the knowledge of the old masters in the art of painting. Philip's knowledge of painting prevails beneath the incredible versatility of his work. The artist is also an adjunct Art Professor/Lecturer for Vermont College of Art at Norwich University and Naropa University.

The artist has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and his writings have been read worldwide. He is the author of  " DRINKING LIGHTNING - Art, Creativity and Transformation” from Shambhala and Marja Publications and PROMETHEAN FLAMES- Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire”(write the author for a signed copy) with a Foreword by Prof. Michael Schwartz and Prlogue by Robyn Sean Peterson, from Betty & Books, Bologna, Italy (Summer 2008). This series of books on art and consciousness will culminate in his forthcoming monumental work- “EYES OF THE SOUL - Exploring Inspiration in Art” with a Foreword from his friend, Ken Wilber.


Rubinov's travels have been extensive, including India, where he studied meditation and Easter Philosophy with Muktananda Paramahansa, Eastern philosophy and completed training as a teacher in the Muktananda lineage and tradion. After this he wandered naked with a band of sadhus in 1978. He has also studied and practiced many of the World Wisdom traditions and the Martial Arts of Kodakan Judo and Aikido Sword.


Philip has been a strong voice and active proponent for the spiritual power inherent in the creative process and in 1981 he co- founded and directed what was the first Institute for Contemplative Education and Visionary Art in the United States, located in upstate New York.  From 1983 -1986 he served as the Cultural Arts and Gallery Director at the JCC of Rochester, NY. In 1995, the professor founded and directed the School of Extended Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where he served as the Dean of Extended Studies from 1991-1997.


In addition to his endeavors in the Fine Arts, earlier in his life, Prof. Phil also worked as a therapeutic counselor who often used the arts as a tool for treatment with dual-diagnosed clients, the developmentally disabled, youth-at-risk, incarcerated minors and adults. During this time Prof Phil also authored the "Gesture Dictionary" for the Colorado Board of Psychiatrists and Association of Care-Givers. This book outlined observations he gathered from one-on-one experiences with deeply disturbed clients that the system was 'at a loss' to deal with. This activity had never been attempted before. Through this one-on-one and live-in situation the professor discovered and illustrated antecedents to psychotic behaviors common to the population he worked with. He followed up by consulting the Board on behavior modification plans he devised and implemented for this particular population. He also introduced an Arts Enrichment Program for the Rochester, NY Public School System designed to raise self-esteem among inner-city youth in the urban school districts. This culminated in workshops, annual exhibitions and murals by participating students.

photo Sabrine Nore

His paintings are in private collections throughout the United States, Austria, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, India, Japan and in museum collections such as the Memorial Art Gallery in New York, the Johfra Museum of Art in Holland and the City art collection of Viechtach, Bavaria. His writings and art work have been the focus of numerous magazine articles, television and radio interviews and featured in books such as “One Source - Sacred Journeys: A Celebration of Spirit & Art” by Gary Markowitz and most recently in Volume I; “METAMORPHOSIS - 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Artists” from Jon Beinart Publishing. He is an Honorary Member of the London-based Society for Art of the Imagination.

Prof. Phil has been holding his renowned international painting seminars: "Old Masters-New Visions" since 1997.  He continues to paint, write and teach and his long-range vision includes establishing Villa Visionaria, a cooperative community of inspired creative workers that will include a gallery, integral arts academy and apprenticeship program.

For questions regarding seminars, books, exhibitions, private sales or commissions; E-Mail the professor at: eyepaint4u@yahoo.com