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Books by Philip Rubinov Jacobson

a Trilogy of Art Spirit & Consciousness
Prof. Phil has written three important books: a trilogy of art, spirit & consciousness.
Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Drinking Lightning - Art, Creativity and Transformation
Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Drinking Lightning
"Drinking Lightning - Art, Creativity and Transformation", was first published
in 2000 (first edition of 5,000 books sold out in 20 days) and a 2nd edition is currently available.

Foreword by Ken Wilber, Preface by Ernst Fuchs - this is a personal exploration of the
relationship between art,
creativity, and spirituality. It describes the
artist/authors encounters with a number of remarkable creative mystics and artists who have also sought
to explore the furthest boundaries of human experience - entering transpersonal domains associated with
healing visions, and archetypal dreams.Collectively,these visionary encounters provided a basis for the
exploration of art and creativity - opening a path which resonated with the writer's deepest intuitions,
while also offering a revelatory and unifying vision of human spirituality.
This first book invites us to explore dimensions of human creativity which have long been neglected or forgotten.
It is a book which helps to enlarge our understanding and belief in our own inherent creative potentials, providing us with an inspired
sense of spiritual direction in both art and life.
About the book:
  • hard-cover
  • 296 pages with 42 color plates and
    53 black and white reproductions and photos
  • apprx. 10 x 7 inches
  • ISBN 0-9754780-0-1

Features the art work of 21 artists, including:

  • Cynthia Re'Robbins
  • Philip Rubinov Jacobson
  • De Es Schwertberger
  • Mariu Suarez
  • Ingo Swann
  • Robert Venosa
De Es SchwertbergerErnst FuchsRobert VenosaMarti KlarweinAlex GreyMartina Hoffman

Brigid MarlinCynthia Ré RobbinsA Andrew GonzalezEva FuchsSandra ReamerHanna Kay
Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Promethean Flames - Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire
"Promethean Flames - Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire"
by Philip Rubinov Jacobson

Serves as a prelude to Eyes of the Soul and explores inspiration and its delivery systems.
Investigates the artist as mystic, shaman and seer. It delineates the boundaries and bridges between the
creative process and illumination by exploring, expounding and integrating the fields of art, creativity,
psychology, religion and philosophy.
It also surveys the situation between the contemporary art world
and the modern creative mystic, between the artist and the responder, the states and stages of illumined
artistic vision and the very path of art as a tool for the transformation of consciousness. The book
will be enhanced with a selection of the artist/author's paintings.
About the book:
  • apprx.: 185 pages of text
  • color Plates from the artist/author
Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Eyes of the Soul - Exploring Inspiration in Art
Philip Rubinov Jacobson - Eyes of the Soul
"Eyes of the Soul - Exploring Inspiration in Art"
By Philip Rubinov Jacobson, foreword by Ken Wilber

The culmination of three years of research, this monumental book explores sources
of artistic inspiration.
Philip Rubinov Jacobson offers an evocative book on an art that unveils multi-dimensional states
of creative experience. He surveys the great constellation of inspiration through varied artistic styles
and processes: from the erotic to nature to dreams,from dreams to myth to drugs, from visions to visitations.
He will introduce us to a spectrum of imagery from over 100 artists from around the
world that includes styles and genres of the Naïve, Abstract, Expressionistic and Fantastic, Sacred
Geometry, Collage and Mixed Media,Digital, Outsider, Tantric, Visionary and more


It explores the wilderness of a contemporary art that delves into the mysterious forces of life and
the creation of an "Integral Art", an art of the Spirit that is comprehensible to the soul.


About the book:

  • written in English
  • 780 pages with 600+ color plates and
    250+ black and white reproductions and photos
  • apprx. 16 x 14 inches
  • In editing process/book is forthcoming