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Ernst Fuchs is the founding artist of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and our annual workshop is inspired by the summer seminars he taught in Reichenau, Austria from 1972 to 1974.


We continue this tradition of passing on the knowledge and technical virtuosity of the old masters through this special artistic lineage.

Rubinov Jacobson and Ernst Fuchs

This summer, we have expanded the program allowing greater flexibility in time

schedules and in offering various short and long-term workshops. The

seminars are for beginners, experienced and highly accomplished

artists alike. All workshops during the seminar dates are limited to a maximum

of 15 participants each. Each artist attending will have the opportunity to work

closely with the teachers while benefiting from informal contact with them and

all the other artists, partners and friends that are encouraged to visit during the


Rubinov Jacobson and a Painting Student

new "buddy system" is now offered, allowing
artists to share a room at a heavily-discounted rate
during their studies. Aside from the knowledge

gained, unavailable at any university, art school,

or institute, the camaraderie of our creative

community is always reassuring, rejuvenating and
most inspiring.

Swimming Pool at the Marienhofhotel

This photo includes class of Old Master/New Visions plussome visiting artists for the
Fantastic Generations/ Uncommon Visions
show at the Phantasten Museum .. guest curator Prof Philip Rubinov Jacobson.


The breathtaking beauty of the countryside around our seminars adds
to the educational process while informal gatherings during our meals together
in the evening allow us to engage in conversations that are stimulating, informing
and inspiring. Artists that have attended, and many return again and again, relate
how their experience and creative process was “transformative”.


They also say that their ‘artistic intention’ and personal visual language became

clearer and that their new-found technical knowledge increased their ability to

financially survive and thrive as working artists.


But most importantly, we continually discover how art has the power to connect

and communicate our personal experience and expression to the world at large.

We invite you to join us in building a creative community where we practice the

knowledge of the old masters while unleashing new visions.

Swimming Pool at the Marienhofhotel

Chiron Ascending