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Philip Rubinov Jacobson
Selfportrait Philip Rubinov Jacobson
Philip is an artist, writer, teacher, philosopher and traveler.

An international and central figure in both the Fantastic and
Visionary genres' of art, he holds undergraduate and graduate
degrees in Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture, with studies
in Psychology, Philosophy and Comparative Religion.
His paintings have been exhibited internationally in more than
90 exhibitions and his writings have been read worldwide.

He is the author of
"DRINKING LIGHTNING - Art, Creativity and Transformation"
and the forthcoming
"EYES OF THE SOUL - Exploring Inspiration in Art".
Rubinov's travels have been extensive, including India, where he studied
meditation, Eastern philosophy and wandered naked with a band of sadhus in 1978.
He has studied the world wisdom traditions and the Martial Arts of Kodakan Judo
and Aikido Sword. Philip has been a strong voice and active proponent for the
spiritual power inherent in the creative process and in 1981 he co- founded and
directed what was the first Institute for Contemplative Education and Visionary Art
in the United States, located in upstate New York.
In 1995, the professor founded and directed the School of Extended Studies at
Naropa University where he served as the Dean of Continuing Education from
He has been holding his renowned international summer painting seminars:
"Old Masters-New Visions" since 1997.
He is represented by Galerie 10 in Vienna, and by agent Gerda Schreiner in
Austria and by The Dream Masters in the USA. He continues to paint, write and
teach and just completed a new book entitled:
"PROMETHEAN FLAMES - Rekindling and Re-visioning the Creative Fire".
His long-range vision includes establishing what would be the first Academy
of the Integral Arts
at Villa Visionaria, a cooperative community of inspired creative
In addition he is working with Gerda Schreiner and Wolfgang Gyorog to found the
first international Center for Integral Arts and Culture near Budapest, Hungary and
with Lisa Rhyne Jubas to establish a sister institute in Los Angeles, California.

E-Mail the professor at: eyepaint4u@yahoo.com
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Cynthia Ré Robbins
Cynthia Ré Robbins
Cynthia studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and
Instituto Allende in Mexico, earning a BFA degree with a
major in painting.

For 20 years she freelanced, doing a wide range of
commercial projects while still developing her personal
style of painting.
During this time, she lived in the Caribbean: Key West,
Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and St. Croix.
She moved to Colorado in 1993 and while living in Boulder,
had the opportunity to learn a technique of painting that has
had a transformative effect and breathed new vitality and
wonder into Cynthia's work. The surprises that unfold as one
paints in this manner lead the artist on a serendipitous
journey through the imagination.

The results are truly remarkable.
Cynthia has studied with Robert Venosa, Phil Rubinov-Jacobson, Brigid Marlin and
Michael Fuchs.
They all studied with Ernst Fuchs and are Masters of the Mische Technique.
Ms. Robbins assists in teaching at Rubinov's annual painting workshop in Austria.
In addition, in 2007, she will be giving a workshop as a "prequel" to Prof. Phil's seminar,
called the "Underpainting Intensive". Cynthia's artwork appeared in the book, Drinking
Lightning by Rubinov-Jacobson and has been featured in several magazines as well as
a CD cover.
Her paintings are in private collections throughout the United States, Mexico, Bermuda,
Sweden and Austria. She has been a member of the London-based Society for Art of
the Imagination since 1998, and created their website.
She is now living in the charming Victorian village in Arkansas.

In October 2006 she opened a gallery and studio in The Art Colony, a new complex of
studios on Main Street in Eureka Springs. You may see more of her work, read about
the technique, purchase art or contact the artist through her website www.art4spirit.com
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