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The Ruby Muse

The Ruby Muse 



Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson



Alpine Voyage

Considered by many to be the CROWN JEWEL of locations in
Prof Phil's 17th annual run of seminars and workshops. The managers and staff at the Payerbacher Hof are renowned for treating the artists like KINGS and QUEENS. The Payerbacher Hof, a
is less than 1 hour from the old and stunning city of VIENNA, where culture, art museums and music abounds. We will visit many of the great museums and also some of the great artists of Vienna, like Ernst Fuchs, De Es Schwertberger, Daniel Friedemann, Michael Fuchs and others.

Enjoy the gorgeous countryside. Enter into a world of well-being with its majestic mountains, fresh air, green meadows the rivers and the clean water, which springs from the alps
all around.

The Alps


Leave behind everyday life and enjoy the pleasant warmth of the steam bath and the sauna, have a massage, use the large indoor pool, or explore the hotel and village parks. Gain new power to go hiking up the mountains. Most of all, simply thrive on the knowledge, networking, joy and inspiration that is generated by the creative community that gathers here like a little United Nations of Artists!