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Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson


Alpine Voyage


Make a commitment to yourself or a loved one and join our magical and inspired creative community this summer to study the misch technique' (mixed-technique of egg tempera and oil painting) of the old masters. Prof. Phil is renowned for his individualized attention to each student whether you are an absolute beginner or a highly accomplished painter seeking to deepen your knowledge, network and artistic experience. Space is limited to 16 artists – register today.The OLD MASTERS - NEW VISIONS painting seminar, now in its 17th year will be held in Payerbach, Austria. First off, a 3 and 4 week painting seminar with Prof Phil will take place at the PayerbacherHof Hotel from July 14 to August 10. Heinz Hubner, the owner, is a charming host, a lover of art and artists, a master story teller, and a yogi too....The place is just great, warm and cozy, During the course of the seminar we will all have the opportunity to exhibit and sell our works at Galerie ARTHOFF, enjoy the alpine countryside, mountains, forest and rivers. Our excursions into Vienna to see the Museums, artists' studios and meet artists like Ernst Fuchs, De Es Schwertberger, Peter Gric, Setsuko, Vesna, Otto Rapp and many others will be inspirational. It will be an indescribable celebration of art, music and humanity that is transformational.

The Alps




'OLD MASTERS-NEW VISIONS' 2013 Misch-Technique Painting Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions and Events
For beginners and advanced artists alike.
4 week seminar: JULY 14 - AUGUST 10. 2013
3 week seminar: JULY 21 - AUGUST 10. 2013


with Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson
There is reason that Prof Phil’s students have been unusually successful in both their work and life, and that is that no two artists that study with him ever end up painting even remotely similar to him or to one another.The versatility in his student’s work is a reflection of the teacher’s indefatigable support, respect and encouragement of each individual’s visual language and artistic expression.

Prof. Phil is an artist, author, philosopher, teacher and visionary. He has been a strong proponent of art and consciousness and a teacher for more than 35 years, especially in the visionary and fantastic genres, and has been referred to as "the lynch-pin of visionary art" by Alex Grey. He co-founded and directed the first Institute for Contemplative Education and Visionary Art in upstate New York in 1980. Later, serving as the Dean at Naropa University, he founded and directed the new School of Extended Studies from 1991- 1997. In 1997 he was charged by his old mentor (since 1973), Prof. Ernst Fuchs, to carry on his teachings of the Old Masters and to inspire New Visions.

Prof Phil is renowned for creating seminars (that he refers to as 'creative communities') in which one is transformed, empowered and inspired, awakened to a higher knowledge, ability and confidence in their work. A new feeling and sense of belonging to an 'united nations' of integral artists and life itself emerges within. Join us in discovering the secrets of the old masters while unleashing new visions in your own visual language

Classic Old Masters "Mixed-Technique" Egg Tempera and Oil Painting In the "classic mische", or 'mixed-technique of egg tempera and resin-oil painting we practice under-painting on an egg emulsion ground to achieve the astounding effects of light, depth, solidity and transparency achieved only through a division of labor in the building of a picture. The participant will discover an excellent and sound method that lends itself to any style or means of expression. We succeed by building a picture through a strong monochromatic under-painting to create an underlying unity. This creates the Flemish and German advantages and magic of the 'optical grays', neutral tones and colors that cannot be painted 'directly' and can only be attained through modeling and hi-lighting in egg tempera white and over painting in layers and glazes of resin-oil color to give the painter the incredible power of luminosity, and the living atmosphere of any vision imaginable or anything one has experienced.



First and Second Year Artists:

Studio Access is 24 hrs. /day
Last three weeks of study = 1, 025 euro
4 weeks or 120 hrs of study = 1,075 euro

Early Bird Special for 1st/2nd Year Artist - Pay in Full by November 30, 2012

3 week or 120 hrs of study = 925 euro

4 weed or 120 hours of study = 975 euro

Returning Artist with 2+ seminars since 1997:

Last three weeks/90 hrs of study = 975 euro
4 weeks or 120 hrs of study = 1025 euro

Early Bird Special for above artist - Pay in Full by November 30, 2012

3 weeks or 90 hrs of study = 875 euro
4 weeks or 120 hrs of study = 925 euro

To secure your registration for the Seminar a Non- refundable Fee of 300 Euro Serves as a deposit toward tuition for Prof Phils' Misch - Technique seminar and is REQUIRED To RESERVE your PLACE.
The balance of the tuition is payable no later than June 7, 2013. There are no refunds on the deposit in the event Of a students cancellation, however if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment the deposit is refunded. Payment is made in dollars based on the exchange rate on the date the payment is made. No deposit is needed to secure your accommodation at the Payerbacher Hof , however you must contact Them to ENSURE YOUR PLACE IS RESERVED AND SECURE.

Payerbacherhof Accommodation Rates
(NOT including the tuituion for studies)

No deposit required for accommodations
but you MUST reserve your space/room directly
Contact Heibnzor Staff at
E-mail: hotel@payerbacherhof.at
Hauptstrabe 2
A-2650 Payerbach
Tel: +43(2666)52430
Fax: +43(2666)524304

The Separate Dormitories:

The female and male dormitories will be separate and housed in both a private home on the hotel property and in the hotel itself. They will be highly secure and includes a single bed, shelving and/or closet space for each individual and their personal belongings: shower and spa access.

All rates are per-day, per-person and in EUROS

Dormitory rates

Per day

3 weeks/20 nights

4 weeks/27 nights

With breakfast only

22.50 Euros

450 Euros

607 Euros

With Breakfast and lunch

31.50 Euros

630 Euros

850 Euros

With breakfast, lunch and dinner

39.50 Euros

790 Euros

1066 Euros

Double Room with Shower/WC
Cost per person

Per day

3 weeks/20 nights

4 weeks/27 nights

With breakfast only

42.50 Euros

850 Euros

1147 Euros

With Breakfast and lunch

48.50 Euros

970 Euros

1309 Euros

With breakfast, lunch and dinner

54.50 Euros

1090 Euros

1471 Euros

Single Room (private) with Shower/WC

Per day

3 weeks/20 nights

4 weeks/27 nights

With breakfast only

45.50 Euros

910 Euros

1228 Euros

With Breakfast and lunch

53.50 Euros

1070 Euros

1444 Euros

With breakfast, lunch and dinner

61.50 Euros

1230 Euros

1660 Euros

The Luxury Rooms - Double occupancy only:
The Sigmund Freud Room - The Viktor Frankl Room - The Ghega Room
Are available upon request; Inquire with Heinz



CONTACT PROF PHIL AT eyepaint4u@yahoo.com


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Any Questions? Write Prof. Phil at  eyepaint4u@yahoo.com

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