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Old Masters - New Visions

The Lovers

Egg tempera & oil on canvas
by Rubinov Jacobson

The Watchtower

Egg tempera & oil on panel
by Rubinov Jacobson

For the beginner or professional artist working in any and all styles of drawing and oil painting.
No experience necessary.

3, and 4 Week Painting Seminars

Payerbacher Hof (50 minutes from Vienna)

July 14th - August 10th, 2013



Masters - New Visions: further information about the Summer Academy further information about the Summer Academy "Old Masters - New Visions"

Philip Rubinov Jacobson

Web Link: What is so special about Integral art?

Michael Schwartz March 24th, 2012 What is Integral Art? This has been an open and ongoing discussion for years within the integral community-and doesn't seem to have gone very far beyond a slightly more sophisticated version of "well, you know it when you see it". Fortunately, we have Michael Schwartz to help move the conversation forward. In this video, recorded at the 2011/2012 Kosmic Creativity event, Michael uses several examples from the Integral Life Art Galleries to point to some of the emergent properties and qualities of this new approach to art and aesthetics, helping us understand what sets Integral Art apart from everything else that's come before....

Philip Rubinov 


Light in the Dark
c.2012 Egg tempera & oil on canvas

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