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Testimonials Philiop Rubinov Jacobson
Emily by Andreas
"A great experience"

"Four weeks of painting in August 2007 in Reichenau, Austria was a great experience.Learning how to alternate white tempera with oil glazes was a breakthrough for me: decoupling light and color in this way allows building up a painting deliberately and to correct at any stage. As a result, the light is well modeled, and the colors come out with unprecedented brightness. All my old paintings appear gray and dull in comparison.

Apart from painting, I had a very good time with interesting and enjoyable people from many countries. Prof.Phil, of course, was the hub and the heart of the group: always open for all individual needs, very competent and flexible to tutor each student individually, and interested in any communication about art, philosophy, science and life in general. I love remembering those weeks!"
Dr. Andreas Streun, 
Artist and Research Physicist
November 15, 2007
Madeline von Foerster
"Professor Philip Rubinov Jacobson has given me perhaps the most
important gift of my artistic life.

Six years of art school did not provide me with the tools that three weeks
in his seminar offer.
Not only is the Misch method exponentially faster, easier, and more enjoyable than the alla prima technique I used previously, but my paintings are also far more luminous and beautiful than before. They have a light and depth that I never could have attained the old way. I deeply appreciate having these time-tested methods and formulas, knowing that I am carrying on a tradition perfected by some of the Old Masters I revere most, and also knowing my paintings are now themselves more resilient to aging.
"I have been consistently impressed by how Professor Phil conducts his class -- all students receive equal time and attention, regardless of their level. Abstract or photo-realist, professional or first-time painters will all receive instruction that is sensitive to their interests and needs.

Moreover, the sojourn in Reichenau is a blissful artistic retreat, one which I would repeat for that reason alone!
Imagine waking daily to a view of the Alps, ending each night in the steam room, with museums and hiking on the weekends... It is simply a perfect working vacation. I hope to return many times."
Madeline von Foerster - Artist and Illustrator, New York
Kat Shevchenko - Artist / Illustrator
“I attended the Old Masters New Visions seminar conducted by Philip Rubinov-Jacobson
at Reichenau, Austria in the summer of 2006.
Prof. Rubinov-Jacobson provided an environment that focused on the students’ personal
creative vision with new avenues of expression becoming available to them as learned the
basic foundations of the traditional Old Masters technique.
As a teacher, Professor Rubinov-Jacobson was always there with an attentive and watchful
eye as I struggled through the technical process, ready to give some insight and advice.
He is one of those rare teachers that can help nurture both your technical and creative abilities
while encouraging your highest artistic potential.”
Kat Shevechneko
Andrea Davis
“Philip is an amazing lecturer. I asked him to speak to a group at The Art Station in Ft. Worth.
He was amazing! He has first hand experience in the healing power of art and can verbalize his
experience in a way that draws you in and really illustrates the meaning.”
Andrea Davis
Artist Author Philosopher Educator
Emily by Andreas
From the foreword to the book: Metamorphosis by Beinart Publishing

"....Even when Fantastic art was strictly forbidden, such as during the period when Russia was ruled by Brezhnev, knowledge of this style of art continued to spread. One of my first students in 1952 in Paris was a very remarkable, talented person, a dancer, painter and tattoo fetishist, Vali Myers from Melbourne. We stayed in contact until her death in 2005. She and Mati Klarwein were my first followers in Paris, so it gives me great pleasure that another Australian admirer of my work should publish this book. Some of the names included here are very familiar to me, or have studied under my guidance and became excellent teachers themselves – artists such as Brigid Marlin and Philip Rubinov Jacobson. This book will carry a fundamental message to art lovers: Fantastic art has survived despite all official attempts to quench its spirit."
Ernst Fuchs, 2006
Emily by Andreas
"Philip Rubinov- Jacobson, a former student of Ernst Fuchs, brings the same technical mastery to his subjects as his mentor. His interest is in tapping the forces of transcendent spirit through creative expression. His imagery ranges from figurative studies to abstract explorations of inner worlds".

Ramon Kubicek, Artist, Author and Art Historian
Jon Beinart
“It is a great pleasure to be friends with Philip. He is a great Artist, Writer and a man of action.
Philip has dedicated a massive amount of energy into a movement that is very close to my heart.
The global Fantastic & Visionary Art movement would be more than a man short without Philips energy.

Phil has published books on our movement, featuring many great artists, he's produced an
impressive body of work and he has exposed people to the magic of Visionary art with his
personable, hands on seminars.

Phil is also one of the artists who will be featured in our upcoming book "Metamorphosis"
and it is my pleasure to Recommend this passionate man to the art world (and the world at large).”
Jon Beinart - Director & Editor, beinArt Publishing -
Emily by Andreas

“Your book and your work are a constant source of inspiration to me, in fact Drinking Lighting has been my 'bible' since it came out.


Your artwork is AWESOME and a 'beacon' , unattainable for me, however your philosophy is deeply etched into my soul.


Thank you for giving this to the world and being generous enough to make personal contact with those who find you inspiring!  Looking forward to your new book.”

Blaze Warrender 

November 25, 2007
Keith Wigdor
“Philip is without a doubt The Greatest Visionary Artist of the 21st Century!
He is also a Master of Fantastic Realism and Surrealism and he is one of the Artists exhibiting in the Online Event, INTERNATIONAL SURREALIST SHOW 2006 on SURREALISM NOW!

Philip's artworks are Masterpieces and Highly Collectible! If you are an Art Collector, I strongly urge you to purchase his art, originals, prints, books, etc,. They are all Treasures! Timeless Masterpieces by the Master himself, Philip Rubinov Jacobson!”
Keith Wigdor - Owner and Gallery Manager, Surrealism Now!